It is well known that the honey cinnamon connection has many health benefits.  Here is a simple recipe of delicious creamed honey infused with cinnamon.  Great on toast, cereal, pancakes or in your favorite hot beverage.  Creamed honey also stores well and makes nice gifts.  Lets get started.

The Ingredients:

2 quarts raw unprocessed honey (64 oz.)

2 cups creamed honey (16 oz.)

1 cup ground cinnamon (8 0z.)

canning jars or other suitable containers

Warm the honey to about 90 F. stirring and making sure there is no sign of crystallization.  To the warm honey add the purchased creamed honey, gently stir the creamed honey into the warm honey.  After the creamed honey has been thoroughly mixed, the honey should look creamy in color.  Now add the cinnamon slowly while stirring the honey.  Continue stirring until all the ingredients have blended evenly.  The creamed honey should now have the appearance of a cinnamon color.  Ok lets jar it up.

Set your clean containers and lids out on large surface, slowly pour the honey into the containers (sometimes it helps having a second person switch containers while pouring the honey.  Place the lids and store at approximately 50 F. for one to two weeks.  Buzz on.P1090988

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